Permanent and Head Staff

Our head staff help write and review problems, work on contest logistics, and help with other aspects of the contest.

Jason Shaye

2xAIME Qualifier, AMC10 Distinction, 2021 Michigan MATHCOUNTS States Top 20, AMC 8 DHR

Emily Yu

2x AIME Qualifier, MPFG Top 5, 74/75 Overall USAMTS Score (2022), 2022 NYSML Top 10, 2021 MATHCOUNTS Top 10

Isaac Chen

2022 USAJMO Qualifier, 2x AIME Qualifier, 2022 CMIMC Top 20 Individual, 2021 New Jersey MATHCOUNTS States 5th Place

Evan Chang

2022 MOP + USAMO Bronze, 2021 USAJMO Qualifier, 3x AIME Qualifier, 73/75 Overall USAMTS Score (2021), 73/75 Overall USAMTS Score (2022), OMMC Founder.

Tony Lu

2022 USAJMO Winner, 2x AIME Qualifier, 2021 Texas MATHCOUNTS Nationals Team Member

Justin lee

2020 Nevada MATHCOUNTS States Top 15, 2020 AMC 8 DHR

Mahith Gottipati

2x AIME Qualifier, 2021 MathLeague State 2nd Place (Texas)

Other contributors

David S.: Web Developer
Pranav C.: Problem Writer
ezpotd: Testsolver
v4913: Testsolver
Rusczyk: Testsolver
MathPirate101: Testsolver
scrabbler94: Testsolver