2022 Summer OYMC

2022 Summer OYMC

**The 2022 Summer OYMC has officially concluded. Results, prizes, and problems/solutions have all been posted here. Thank you to all who participated, we hope to see you compete again next summer!

Timing and Schedule

The 2022 OYMC will be held on August 14th from 5:00 PM to 6:05 PM EST. Students should be ready to check their email 5 minutes beforehand, and will be given a 5 minute window to submit their answers and load the test document along with 60 minutes to solve the problems. Students can sign up here.

Additionally, The Daily Challenge will be doing a livesolve of the competition on August 21st at 7-8 PM EST, a week after the competition. Students, parents, and coaches are all welcome to come and see the various explanations to the problems from the contest. The zoom link is here.


This year, the OYMC will be offering 4 AoPS coupons along with 2 Daily Challenge Live Module Classes and 2 1 Hour Private Lessons with The Beauty Of Math. 30 Copies of the Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition will also be sent out to top scorers of the competition. Additionally, Desmos is providing a 45 dollar gift code that can be used at their Des-Store which will be offered as a raffle prize. More prizes are still rolling in!

Format of Competition

Unlike last year, the 2022 OYMC Summer will consist of one overall individual round for the Middle School division as well as the Elementary Division (with the ES Division being easier than the MS). The test will consist of 15 questions in increasing difficulty order.

ES Division MS Division
60 Minutes 60 Minutes
15 Questions 15 Questions
Early AMC8 to Late AMC10 Level Early AMC10 to Late AIME Level
Date (TBD) Date (TBD)
5th and Under 8th and under

During the competition, all students will be emailed both the test and a submission form. The test will also be published on this website and on AoPS. Students are given an additional 5 minute window for internet delays, loading the test file, submitting, etc. Once time is up, the submission form will be closed and at that point, any student who has not submitted their answers in time will not be able to submit their answers and will receive a 0. Therefore it is crucial that students submit a little bit before time is over (thus utilizing the 5 minute window given).

Students will be notified of their results shortly after, and they will be emailed out, published on our website, and published on AoPS. Prizes will then follow in the following week.

General Rules

All rules will be emailed to students participating, and they will also be included on the cover page of the test.

  • Students competing in the Middle School division must be entering 5th - 8th grade in the coming Fall
  • Students competing in the Elementary School division must be entering 5h grade or below in the coming Fall
  • No calculators are allowed on the exam
  • Cheating, early discussion, receiving help from outside sources, etc. are all strictly banned
  • Students MUST submit their answers on time, otherwise their answers will be disqualified and they will receive a 0.